Why Presteigne Charter is your best solution for 3D

Why Presteigne Charter is your best solution for 3D

Our commitment to s3D and the future of this technology has made us the number one choice for your 3D production solutions. Our s3D portfolio includes the Ryder Cup, Sky Premiership Football, Six Nations Rugby, JLS Live and many more in production.

Why choose Presteigne Charter?

  • As well as our own unique innovations, we also use the latest Sony s3D equipment. With an outstanding range of professional products for producing, delivering and displaying 3D
  • Our expertise in delivering s3D solutions is immense. We have the ability to consult and assist with your s3D production
  • Practical advice from our s3D experts based on our extensive s3D experiences.

Confidence leads to experience

Presteigne Charter took the plunge into s3D when the technology was still relatively new to the industry. By starting early, we have the confidence and experience to deal with even the most complex s3D broadcast requirements. In 2010 we developed our very own unique wireless portable camera channel built specifically for s3D, the end result is the creation of the PC-RT1000.

Our Products

Presteigne Charter utilises the latest technology you need to create a practical, efficient s3D production operation in TV Studios, outside broadcast trucks and live 3D production. We now offer complete s3D production facilities using the latest technologies from Sony, Element Technica, Canon and other major manufacturers. The following are examples of typical s3D equipment available.

  • Sony HDC-1500 Camera Channels + T-block adaptors
  • Sony HDC-P1 HD Cameras
  • Single Fibre rig/camera adaptors
  • Presteigne Charter RT-1000 portable s3D camera for handheld or Steadicam operation over fibre or wireless RF
  • Canon Broadcast lenses with dual synchronised control and 3D software
  • Element Technica Quasar motorised Under-thru, over-thru or side-by-side configuration
  • Element Technica Pulsar motorised Under-thru, over-thru or side-by-side configuration
  • Sony MPE-200 Stereo Image Processor running software with lens tracking correction
  • Sony MVS-8000G/X 3D-enabled Vision Mixer
  • EVS Multi-channel servers
  • Cranes, Remote Heads, Dollies, Tripods.

Our Facilities

  • Multi-camera Fly Pack for live broadcast 3D (Full System incl. Rigs, SIP, IO+C control, cameras, grip, production monitoring, vision mixing, VTR, HDR, comms, camera racking & audio mixing
  • Muliti-camera Fly-pack for pre-record 3D (Rigs, cameras, grip, SIP, IO+C control, 3D monitoring, ISO record, comms and camera racking)
  • 3D ‘layer’ integration for 2D OB trucks (Rigs, cameras, grip, SIP, IO+C control, 3D monitoring)
  • Single rig serviced rental (Rig, cameras, grip, SIP, IO+C control, 3D monitoring, VTR)

3D: Our service

Here at Presteigne Charter we know that your s3D production may seem daunting, but we can work with you to create your s3D production. Our experience, our technology and our people is the exact reason why you should choose Presteigne Charter to deliver your s3D broadcast needs.

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